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The cost of connecting to the grid has increased sixfold

The day before, on January 31, 2017, a regular meeting of the National Commission for Regulation of Energy and Utilities was held in Kyiv. Among other things, it amended the resolution on the approval of the unit cost of non-standard connection of electrical installations to electrical networks for 2017. They increase the cost of this procedure by almost six times. Thus, the average cost of connection is 6094 UAH per 1 kW (excluding VAT). Tariffs vary from provider to provider. The most expensive is Poltavaoblenergo – UAH 9,428 per 1 kW (excluding VAT), the cheapest is Kyivenerho – UAH 3,094 per 1 kW (excluding VAT). Former Minister of Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Oleksiy Kucherenko criticized this step on his social network page. “Unfortunately, the members of the National Commission for Regulation of Economic Competition have done another” sneaky “at consumers today. By their decision, they raised the fee for connection to electrical networks 6 (!!!) times. The consequences of this crazy step for business, entrepreneurs and alternative energy will be extremely negative. The opinions of all real experts agreed on an extremely negative assessment of the consequences of this step, “the ex-minister wrote. This decision was also condemned by the Ukrainian Renewable Energy Association before it was adopted. The organization published its opinion in a press release. “This decision creates a significant negative impact on the investment climate in Ukraine and in fact makes it impossible to create new industries. This decision was developed in order to ensure a transparent mechanism for connecting new facilities to the grid, but the rates for this service are inflated and unreasonable, “the association said in a statement published in Ukrayinska Pravda.

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